About US

A bit about our society...

The Brisbane khatri samaj started off with a only handful of people when it was formed in the 1990 and the number of Khatri migrations, mainly from Fiji, kept growing slowly.  It was on 13 January 1992 that the Brisbane khatri samaj was formally incorporated as the Kshatriya Society of Brisbane, Inc (KSB).

Currently our society has over 200 families with more than 600 members and over 300 guests registered on our website.


Who were the Trustees when our society was formed?
  1. Shantilal Damodar
  2. Kantilal Bhukhan
  3. Ranchhod Hazrat
Who are the current Trustees of our society?
  1. Shantilal Damodar
  2. Ratilal Dayaram Khatri
  3. Ishwarlal D Khatri

Who were the past Presidents of our society?

1991-92 Ishwarlal D Khatri
1993 Vinod Kalyan
1994-95 Arvind Damodar
1996-97 Vinod Narsey
1998-99 Dharmendra Solanki
2000-01 Raj Khatri
2002-03 Vinod Narsey
2004 Dipak Kumar
2005 Arvind Damodar/Champak Khatri
2006 Bharat Vanmali
2007 Jayshree Kapadia
2008 Rinal Kalyan
2009 Hemlata Kumar
2010 Harsad Kumar
2011 Jayesh Hargovind
2012 Vinay Solanki
2013 Deepak Narsey
2014 Sharad Ratanjee
Current Ishwarlal Khatri

The above information has been kindly provided by Raj Khatri

What does it mean to be a Kshatriya?

Kshatriya literally means "protector of gentle people". Second in the social hierarchy of the caste system (see Varna), the Kshatriyas were kings and warriors. They were said to have evolved from the arms of Brahma, signifying that their role in society was the protection of people and livestock. The Hindus maintain that only a Kshatriya had the right to rule, though Brahmin rulers are not unknown. They were supposed to be brave and fearless, and to live and die by a code of honour and loyalty. They could eat meat and drink liquor and their most exalted death was to die in battle....... more

What is the meaning of Aum?

Aum... Sanskrit word meaning the primordial, eternal divine sound heard in deep meditation; it represents the three bodies of every human being or the triple divine qualities: A is the causal body (sound), U is the astral body (vibration), and M is the physical body (light).